About Us

About Us

As a forerunner of educational resources optimization and integration,evergreen has been committed to providing our customers with the right educational products and educational services.we provide overall solutions in development and construction of training and didactic facilities in engineering and develop teaching facilities and teaching resources in hardware and software for the basic education.Our products and services cover basic education and engineering education relating to education equipments,technical training equipments, engineering teaching equipments and system, vocational training equipments,teaching apparatus, science apparatus, didactic tools, technical training equipments, labware, laboratory materials, laboratory instruments and equipments.

Evergreen is aiming to promote the exchange and cooperation in vocational education and technical education worldwide. Nowdays, we have extended our relations with colleges, schools, institutes and government department in this field. The goal of us is keeping to act as a bridge for cooperation and exchange among schools and educators from educational institutions,and share educational resources, hardware and software, among these companies and institutions.

Our staffs, most, are educators from different level schools and colleges in diverse disciplines in basic education and engineering education. Their rich experiences in theory and practice plus top quality manufacture we cooperated make our products has unique advantage. All equipment directly come from classroom,laboratory and practice achievement and then are improved and verified by teaching and experiments.

We warmly welcome educators,educational institutions and companies who devote to promote educational development to build relationship with us,and hereby we express our sincere gratitude to friends for their cooperation and express our deep respect to dedicated educators with who Evergreen has had chance to work from worldwide.

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