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  • Air Blower for Physics Dual Outlet

    Air Blower for Physics Dual Outlet

     Silent, Clean,High Pressure, High Flow and Variable Output.

  • Air Blower for Physics Single Outlet

    Air Blower for Physics Single Outlet

    An air blower is one of a fundamental accessory for air track apparatus,gravity acceleration apparatus, air cushion spring oscillator and variable inclination pendulum in the experiments for air source.

  • Air Track Apparatus,Air Tracks,
air cushion guide

    Air Track Apparatus

    • Length:1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm
    With this air track apparatus, we are able to complete the experiments as:
    • to calculate the gravitational acceleration.
    • to verify law of momentum conservation.
    • to verify law of mechanical energy conservation.
    • to verify Newton’s Second Law.
    • to verify Newton’s First Law.
    • to verify Newton’s Third Law.
    • to investigate the elastic collisions and inelastic collision of objects on air track.
    • to investigate simple harmonic vibration.
    • to investigate variable rectilinear motion and uniform acceleration rectilinear motion.

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