Pneumatic Training Kit

This pneumatic training kit is recommended for the teachers to demonstrate the experiments of pneumatic system in classroom for
The composition of pneumatic transmission system.
The basic pneumatic circuit experiments
Easy movable,easy operation,convenient operation.
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Product Description

Download this Pneumatic Training Kit

This pneumatic training kit is a professional pneumatic circuit design and demonstrating of pneumatic experimental platform.This pneumatic training kit is designed for training and assessment of subjects such as pneumatic drive and pneumatic circuits in colleges and vocational schools with a variety of pneumatic components.This pneumatic training kit can meet the teaching and training of the pneumatic disciplines.
1,The composition of pneumatic transmission system.
2,The basic pneumatic circuit experiments

1,All pneumatic components use rapid joint which can inserted for easy operation.
2,All pneumatic components and valves are used industrial grade physical components and valves.
3,The quick couplings are used for pneumatic circuits connection and the electrical control circuit use training connecting wires with protective function.The students can build circuits under the guidance of instruction books or design their own system circuits.The pneumatic components in this training kit is complete for designing more complex applications circuits.
4,Adopt quiet mini air compressor with low noise (<57db), oil-free, odorless gas,clean and dry.
5,With 1P + N leakage protection,output voltage is 220V, when the earth leakage current exceeds 30mA,the power supply will cut off;the electric control is DC 24V,with over-voltage protection to prevent damage in malfunction.
6,Smart,portable and intelligent training kit for classroom demonstrating and teaching.

Typical Training Contents of this Pneumatic Training Kit
Part A Recognition of pneumatic system
1,Recognition of pneumatic components
2,Recognition of electrical components
Part B Basic Pneumatic Circuit Training
1,Pressure control circuits
1.1,Pressure reducing circuit
1.2,Pressure relief circuit(Pressure-venting circuit)
2,Speed control circuit
2,Speed shift circuit
2.1,Bidirectional throttle speed regulating circuit
2.2,Throttle speed regulating circuit
2.3,Sequence action circuit by proximity switch
2.4,Sequence action circuit of twin/double cylinder by magnetic switch
3,Directional control circuit
3.1,Reversing circuit by reversing valve
3.2,Single-cylinder reciprocating control circuit
Part C Integrated control circuit
Flow control
Direction control
Pressure control
The application control of the electrical component

The Main Technical Parameters of this Pneumatic Training Kit
A,Power Supply
Input power: 220V,50Hz;
Output Power: DC24V / 2.5A;
B,Silent air compressor
Power supply: AC220V,50Hz,
Input power:≥0.68kW,
The nominal capacity:≥24L,
Rated flow:≥120L / min,
Output pressure:1.0MPa.
C,Pneumatic Components
Maximum working pressure :1.0MPa.
Training kit:410mm×300mm×180mm

Download this Pneumatic Training Kit

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