Solar Photovoltaic Training System

Solar Photovoltaic Training System allows users to monitor, control and hands-on learning about the principles and operation of a solar photovoltaic harvesting system.

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Product Description

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Solar Photovoltaic Training System allows users to monitor, control and hands-on learning about the principles and operation of a solar photovoltaic harvesting system.This Solar Photovoltaic Training System is designed to simulate the operation of solar photovoltaic system to transform solar energy into power electric through silicon cells,which can meet the experiments,teaching and researching requirements of solar cell performance testing and photovoltaic applications in relevant professional and curriculum such as solar technology,photovoltaic technologies and its applications,photovoltaic equipment manufacturing and maintenance,photovoltaic materials processing and application technology and college,vocational technical schools and institutes.This Solar Photovoltaic Training System can simulate the sunlight using electric lamp as well as operate under direct sunlight(advance type).

The Specification of this Solar Photovoltaic Training System

Part Specification
Solar Panel i,10W*4,

ii,two outdoor,and two indoor

Artificial light source I,2pcs,

ii,mounted on the bench

iii,each 270W

Photovoltaic Controller i,12/24 VDC ,10A,

ii,Dot matrix LCD display,

iii,protection function

Photovoltaic Inverter i,Rated output power 300W,

ii,Input DC12V,

iii,Output AC220V,


Battery i,12V,7AH
Testing Unit i,Aluminum color panel,

ii,PV voltage, PV current,

iii,battery voltage,

iv,the DC load voltage,

v,the DC load current,

vi,AC load voltage,

vii,AC load current

Load i,DC12VLED bulb,

ii,DC12V fan,

iii,AC220V bulb lamp,

iv,AC22V fan.

Mobile Trolley i,steel  mobile  trolley with swivel lockable castors ,

ii,Size: approx. 1310×710×1720mm

Solar Tracker i,Dual-axis solar tracker
Industrial touch screen i,Man-machine interface,

ii,PLC control,

iii,7-inch high-brightness TFT LCD display.

iv,the parameters (current, voltage, power, photovoltaic power, etc.) of the solar panel unit, the controller unit, the inverter unit can be real-time monitored and displayed respectively.

v,Overvoltage and overcurrent alarm function; vi,input voltage, current, power, data display, and dynamic curve shows;

vi,output voltage, current, power, electricity consumption data display and dynamic curves show.

Sunlight Automatic simulation system i,Level, pitching gearbox motor input DC12V, ii,single-phase AC motor gear lever

iii,gear ratio: 1:300;


Distribution Cabinet i,Standard cabinet, size :760 * 520 * 1750mm, ii,surface spray,

iii,transparent glass door cabinet with stainless steel mesh plate installation.


Download this Solar Photovoltaic Training System

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